Hotel in Korea to Bring ‘Squid Games’ to Life

2021.10.15 14:00:04


A hotel in Korea’s Gangwon Province has decided to cash in on the success of hit drama ‘Squid Game’.


St. John’s Hotel announced that they would be hosting their own real live ‘Squid Game’ event on October 24th. The event is open to people of all ages and to participate you do not have to be a guest at the hotel.


Once a visitor’s reservation is confirmed, they will receive a business card with a phone number much like the scenario in the drama. A total of four games will be played including “ttakji chigi” (paper flipping), “the Mugungwha flower has bloomed”, tug of war, and the dalgona candy game.


The final winner will be taking home a prize of 5 million won or $4,178. The registration ofee for the event was 10,000 won ($8.43) for those making an advanced registration.


The event was completely booked just two days after the announcement was made on Monday.


However, local authorities have issued an order to have the event be put on hold since it would violate the current social distancing orders set in place. Currently, Gangwon province is held to a level 3 standard which means that accommodation facilities are not allowed to hold events or private gatherings over eight people.


[ DailySNS Global Reporter Chen ]

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