South Korea Keeps Promise to Donate Covid-19 Vaccines to Southeast Asia Countries

2021.10.14 11:28:35


South Korea will be donating AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines to overseas allies Thailand and Vietnam. 1.1 million doses of the vaccine will be shipped to Vietnam while 470,000 doses will be sent to Thailand.


The vaccines are expected to arrive this week. This is the first time South Korea has been able to donate vaccines to neighboring countries since the country has now procured enough to distribute to it’s citizens. This shipment is just one month after President Moon Jae-in met with his Vietnamese counterpart pledging to donate 1 million doses to Southeast Asia.


The government released a statement citing that the countries were selected after careful consideration of their requests, how it could possibly affect the safety of those living in Korea, foreign policy, and the overall situation surrounding the pandemic.


The country also went on to further state that the country could also possibly consider later down the line to provide further support to other nations should South Korea have the means and supply. As of now, South Korea has had 60% of the population fully vaccinated with 77.9 percent having received their first shot.


[ DailySNS Global Reporter Chen ]

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